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Joe Sammut

Born July 3rd 1957 at Mosta, Malta, in the same street where our Office stands. Educated both in Malta and in the UK, Joe brings with him a wealth of professional and hands-on experience both local and international. A very interesting aspect of our professional attitude is that clients can always contact or meet Joe, anytime and anywhere. He is available 24/7 and is available for travel, out calls and in calls. His personal cell no is +00356 9949 0820. 

Joe comes from a relatively small family by Maltese immediate post-war standards. His father John was the local postman when Mosta's population was less than 3000. His mother Crocefissa nee' Abela hails from a very big rural family engaged primarily in traditional agriculture around Mosta. Crocefissa's young and teen years were characterized by the lack of successive limited rule local governments and British governors to provide adequate education and then by the disruption and destruction of World War II.

However, Crocefissa made it her life long mission to provide her three children with what she has never been able to enjoy. Education. Joe's two sisters, Mary and Maudy are government school teachers, the former at primary level and the latter at higher secondary level. 

Joe joined the Central Bank of Malta at age 18. He worked in the various divisions of the Bank, from Banking to Exchange Control, from Investments to Administration and from Issues to Research. His span at the Bank lasted for 16 years, five of which were devoted to university study. He was sponsored by the Bank as an Accountancy Worker/Student in 1983 and graduated with Honours (B.A.(Hons) Accty.) in 1988. In the same year, Joe was conferred with the warrant to practice as accountant (CPA) by the Ministry of Finance. 

In 1990, Joe was elected to Associateship (ACIB) of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in London after undergoing a whole structure of studies and examinations in various banking related subjects and topics. 

In 1990, the Malta Institute of Accountants conferred upon him professional membership - Member of the Institute of Accountants. Eventually in 1998, the membership was elevated to that of Fellow of the Institute of Accountants (FIA). 

One year later, in 1991, he commenced his post graduate studies at the University of Bristol in the UK. He graduated Master of Science (M.Sc.) in February 1993. 

Joe has been in public practice since 1992. He holds Ministry of Finance licence to act as Auditor. The Office has grown dramatically since the days when it was set-up. Today, it is a hub of constant activity and a work and practice place for staff. 

Married in 1985 to Anna nee Casha, the Sammuts have two adorable daughters, Isabelle (born 1989) and Elaine (born 1993). They try to live happily and quietly and to raise their daughters in the way they were brought up. That is, correct and highly educated. 

Joe was a keen football player and was briefly engaged in local competitive football. His university studies abruptly interrupted what should have been a good career. He is an Inter FC fanatic and deeply enjoys their wins. Steer away from him whenever they lose. His mood changes instantly by a whopping 180 degrees. 

For a short spell (1993-1994) he was also National Treasurer of the Malta Labour Party for which he also contested parliamentary elections. Although coming so close and garnering vast amounts of votes, unfortunately he was not elected. 

Between the years 1978 and 1987, Joe was also a part-time television newscaster on Television Malta and between 1992 and 1994 as part-time newscaster with Super One Radio. 

Since 1999, Joe has been L-Orizzont's (local daily newspaper) Monday columnist treating and dealing especially with financial and economic issues both local and international. His articles are widely read and quoted. He also tackles these subjects in various local television and radio programmes to which he is regularly invited as a guest speaker. 

Whenever he has time or when traveling, Joe is always in the company of books. His pet subjects are Russia after the 1917 October Revolution, World War II, US politics, the Middle East and Northern Ireland. 

He travels a lot on international professional assignments and has been as far as Australia, Los Angeles, Chicago the Caribbean, Singapore, Dubai, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, the whole of Europe, the Seychelles and the Maldives. His eternal love remains attached to Russia, especially rural Russia. Joe's long-term ongoing dream is to sail the Lena River from the South of Siberia to the North. 

In a nutshell, Joe tries to offload a forty hour day into a 24 hour one. Sleep comes last and in small dosage. He sleeps at midnight and wakes up at 05.00 for his customary 40 minute power walking exercise on the promenade at Qawra - St Paul's Bay. Weekends are restricted to a mere Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, everything comes back to life especially from Libya where Joe maintains most of his professional and business contacts. 

It's a long and bumpy journey. Asked if he would have changed anything, Joe responds with his customary "Do you have another question?" 

Currently he is a doctoral student in Finance. 

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